event planning

Event Planning Services

Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.

Event Planning Services

So it’s time to put on an event as part of your overall marketing strategy. Rebel Marketing Group’s event planning services can handle all aspects of your events from planning to execution. We have you covered when you want to present your brand to the world in first-class style. We are pros at arranging media for events and grand openings and integrating public relations so everyone will know about what you’re up to.

Hosting a special event is one thing. Turning that special event into lasting public relations and marketing success is another story.

With the right strategy, special events can be powerful venues for generating lasting buzz about your company, product, or new endeavor—and connecting face to face with prospective clients, referral sources, and community influencers.

Rebel’s event support team offers logistical planning, media relations and marketing support for events ranging from corporate and lifestyle affairs to product launches and press conferences.

Whether it’s executing marketing tactics to drive attendance, coordinating day-of logistics and arranging media coverage, or securing pre- and post-event publicity, we work to make sure your affair reflects your public image and drives results long after your guests go home.