public relations services

Public Relations Services

Public relations is just like graffiti: You need a clear message to be effective and accepted.

Rebel’s Public Relations Services

With the media being one of the most powerful entities on earth, Rebel Marketing’s Public Relations services implement key strategies to build your brand and create extraordinary personality in the eyes of the media and the public.

Two things we take to heart when it comes to your PR strategy: You only get one chance to make a first impression, and you are only as good as your reputation. Our unique pitching skills, creativity to capture your story, and seasoned media relationships help us successfully pitch your brand to the media.

By designing a public relations strategy that complements your overall marketing goals, we can put your brand’s best foot forward in the places that matter most to you. Whether it’s announcing your company’s debut on the scene, sharing a new product or promotion, creating a buzz for a new micro-brewery or putting out fires that put a damper on your message, we’ll find positive ways to engage the press, social media and the public. We’ll treat your reputation as we would our own and ensure it stays squeaky clean.

Our suite of Public Relations services include:

  • Award Nominations
  •  Blogging
  •  Bylined Articles
  •  Customer Case Studies
  •  Crisis Communications
  •  Industry Analyst Relations
  •  International Market Launches
  •  Market Research
  •  Media Monitoring & Reporting
  •  Media Relations
  •  Media Training
  •  Press Releases
  •  Product Launches
  •  Speaking Proposals
  •  Strategic Messaging & Positioning
  •  Trade Show & Event Support
  •  Website Development & Optimization


Crisis Management

When a company faces an unforeseen crisis, billions of dollars in market value can hang in the balance. Rebel helps clients prepare for the unexpected and respond quickly when trouble arises. This ultimately protects the company’s reputation and its permission to operate.

Rebel’s Crisis Management aims to achieve six critical objectives:

  • Protect the brand, valuation and reputation of the company or organization
  • Demonstrate command of a situation through active communications
  • Ensure accurate representation of facts in the media and by other third parties
  • Engage with stakeholders to maintain credibility and strengthen relationships
  • Reduce legal and/or political consequences
  • Ensure business continuity

We help clients prepare for a variety of situations that have the potential to threaten enterprise value, reputation or business continuity. Each engagement begins with a disciplined discovery process to identify preparedness gaps and apply best practices and the real-world insights of Rebel’s team. This enables prioritization of specific client preparedness needs, which may include:

  • Situation assessment
  • Scenario planning
  • Crisis communications management plan
  • Communications mobilization
  • Training and testing

When a crisis or issue does arise, Rebel Marketing Group provides tailored rapid response execution support along with analysis and counsel through dynamic situations. We manage immediate crises and formulate rigorous contingency plans to ensure that clients are prepared to deal with other developments. Rebel can customize the type and level of support and guidance during a crisis to meet the client’s needs, from baseline to comprehensive support.

To learn more about how our PR firm can help your business or for more information about our public relations services, contact us.