publicity services

Publicity Services

Without publicity a terrible thing happens…nothing.

Publicity Services For Authors and Entertainers

Rebel’s Publicity Services puts the power of the media in your hands. This allows you to share your work with the broadest possible audience. It allows you to gain public visibility and awareness of a product, service, or company through a wide array of media outlets, through the highly strategic coordination and dissemination of information about your work. From a marketing perspective, publicity has a great many advantages, as well. Some of these advantages includes low cost and high credibility exposure, based on the quality of the media placements.

Rebel Marketing will coordinate domestic and international campaigns specially designed for your project. We work with clients to develop the creation of an individualized press kit for target markets. The press kits may include: a mission statement; general and targeted press releases; bios, press photos and interviews with principals, corporate boilerplate; and general press photos and product shots. We also work with you to identify opportunities for exclusive placements, special features, and trend stories that can be developed from the project and added to personalized press kits. Press kits are made in print, digital, and video formats.

Our Publicity Plans

Rebel will conceptualize and coordinate all aspects of the press campaign. These can include the creation of a customized media list, and the dissemination of pitch letters and  press kits. We will also coordinate news stories, feature stories, interviews, and reviews, and will regularly report and distribute press clips to the client and social media networks. Rebel makes itself available for regular consultation meetings throughout the press campaign to ensure you are kept up-to-date and your objectives are being met.

We take great pride in the depth and breadth of our client relationships. Rebel listens, questions and evaluates with an open mind unrestrained by conventional wisdom—and then work to develop creative communications campaigns that are uniquely designed and executed to help clients achieve their particular professional and personal goals.