Sales Funnel Strategy and Implementation

Learn how to perfect your sales funnel strategy to get the most out of your marketing funnel campaigns

Workshop Length: 1 or 2 hour course

Sales Funnel Strategy and ImplementationThe most effective sales funnel strategy involves engaging your prospects during every funnel stage.

Yet according to ringDNA, one of the biggest mistakes companies make is not aligning their content marketing efforts with their sales funnel stages in order to complete more sales.

More often than not, sales funnel strategies don’t go deep enough. As a result, they fail to move prospects to the next stage of the funnel and potential customers never get the full experience to gain enough brand knowledge to obtain trust make a purchase, and refer you to others.

You will learn how to move your prospects through the sales funnel stages.

  • How to attract the consumer that is unfamiliar with your business.
  • Engage the audience that now knows you exist.
  • Keep your audience interested and committed to your brand.
  • Convert customers who are ready to buy.
  • Thank and remember your core fans who have already made a purchase.

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