marketing & public relations services

Marketing & Public Relations Services

Rebel’s marketing & public relations Services:
If you’re not talking, no one can listen!

When it comes to telling your story, one communications strategy does NOT fit all. Rebel works with clients to develop and implement marketing & public relations service campaigns customized to meet their specific needs.

Rebel Marketing Group Email Specialist CertifiedYour customers won’t buy a product or service if they don’t know it’s for sale or worth their time and money. Rebel will help you identify target markets, execute the most cost-effective communication strategies and reach out to prospective clients in creative ways that hadn’t crossed your mind. The opportunities are endless when you’re willing to rebel!
Though no two programs are alike, our campaigns often involve proactive media relations, highly-targeted marketing and advertising, social media, event support and publicity, and media relations and marketing specifically aimed at their target audiences.

The result: the right blend of consumer and business-to-business communications strategies – all synchronized to achieve your overarching goals.

Our Services Include:

Branding & IdentityPublic/Media Relations & PublicityMarketing CommunicationsContent Marketing
Every company evokes emotional connections and perceptions that shape its brand. How do others perceive your company? What would you change?All press coverage is not created equal. Media outreach needs to be targeted and consistent to generate positive business results.How you communicate is as important as what you communicate. We craft effective messaging that's thoughtful and consistent.Content is king – if you know how, when and why to utilize it. Create a content marketing strategy that promotes your brand.
Social Media ManagementEvent PlanningStartup/Small Business Services
We focus on building and maintaining your online presence so you can focus on your business.Hosting a special event is one thing. Turning that special event into lasting public relations and marketing success is another story.New and small businesses have specialized needs when it comes to PR and marketing. We develop a plan that best fits your needs.