Transforming from Social Media to Social Business

What is Social Business? What is the difference with Social Media? Why do you need to have a  strategy in place in order to attract/collaborate with the new generation? This workshop covers it all!

Workshop Length: 1 or 2 hour course

social businessSocial Business and Social Media – two terms that are often used interchangeably. Although one might enable the other, they mean two very different things.

Unlike traditional business, a social business operates for the benefit of addressing social needs that enable societies to function more efficiently. According to Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chairman of Yunus Centre and Founder of Grameen Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh, this provides a necessary framework for tackling social issues by combining business know-how with the desire to improve quality of life.

While Social Media focuses on communication, Social Business dedicates itself to improving business processes.

This is an important opportunity for companies to eliminate barriers to team productivity. When companies work like a network, they can improve collaboration inside and outside of the organization, adapt more swiftly to change, and drive more effective results together.


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