The Formula: Learn the Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing formulaYour business is using social media marketing…but is your strategy helping or hindering your brand (and your revenue)?

Workshop Length: 1-hour (webinar) or 2-hour (in-person) course

$40 – Online 1-Hour Webinar
$75 – In-Person 2-Hour Workshop

Join The Rebel Group’s “Director of Possibilities”, Tammi Stackhouse, and Transcending Horizons Enterprises CEO, Dr. Tylisha Johnson, for a 1- or 2-hour discussion of “The Formula” that will help you use social media marketing to grow your followers, and turn those followers into customers!

Part 1: Hit the Bull’s Eye of Your Target Market!

Hit the bull’s eye of your target market by creating your ideal customer “avatar”! Learn how to get into their heads to identify their pain points, frustrations, desires and dreams. Stop wasting your advertising dollars, targeting “everyone”! Know your ideal customer to maximize the impact of your advertisements that will attract new business, increase your sales, and make your business a booming success!

Part 2: How to REBEL for Social Media Success:

R –Research

E – Educate/Entertain

B – Brand Consistency

E – Evaluate

L- Lead

In this part of the workshop you will learn:
• Strategy Development – what/when to post based on platform and your target audience
• Social Media Content – how to find and create great content your audience cares about
• Ads – best practices to consider before creating your campaigns.
• Social Media Resources – find outside content, create original content, and the best times to post based on platform.


Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 – Click here to register


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